Samba 3.5.6 for N900

And yes,

People loving the N900 and stating over the last year that it is the most versatile and powerful piece of mobile equipment until now just put on their favorite “Hell yeah!” grin on their faces.

This morning while once again tampering my N900 and after 20 reboots(Yeah,tampering is an understatement) i decided to go a journey at App Manager’s turf to see what’s been happening to the community.

The Samba 3.5.6 and smb-tools caught my attention. I decided to give it a go as here at the office we run on various Samba servers.

Note that both goodies are located at extras-testing catalog and are not a part of Nokia’s software. So use with caution people. Will get back to you after a week’s testing or so.


BAZAAR 2010-Δρόμοι Ζωης

Όπως έχω αναφέρει και παλαιότερα το παρόν ιστολόγιο αποτελεί έναν ελεύθερο καμβά έκφρασης για όλα τα πρόσωπα της ζωής μου.
Οπότε δεν μπορούσα να αρνηθώ στην φίλη μου Roula Crysochoou να την βοηθήσω με ένα απλό copy-paste κώδικα.
Ακολουθεί το link της σελίδας της εκδήλωσης στο Facebook, ένα μικρό κειμενάκι που εξηγεί τι είναι όλο αυτό και φυσικά το banner το οποίο θα τριγυρνά κάπου στο blog.

“Το ετήσιο bazaar των Δρόμων Ζωής, είναι μια μεγάλη γιορτή του εθελοντισμού. Μια μοναδική εμπειρία προσφοράς και ανταλλαγής συναισθημάτων για όσους συμμετέχουν. Έλα μαζί μας και ζήσε αυτή τη μοναδική εμπειρία που θα σου μείνει αξέχαστη και θα συμβάλλει στην στήριξη ενός σημαντικού κοινωνικού έργου. Μαζί, μπορούμε ν’ αλλάξουμε τον κόσμο. Αρκεί να το πιστέψουμε.”

Πότε; Saturday, December 11 at 10:00am – December 12 at 8:00pm

Πού; Κέντρο Τεχνών Πάρκου Ελευθερίας
Βασ. Σοφίας (σταθμός μετρό : Μέγαρο Μουσικής)
Athens, Greece

Facebook Event Page

Versatile Diversity will be back soon…

It’s been almost 50 days since my last post here. A string of unfortune events prevented me from being involved with writing as i wanted. I thought that this blog wouldn’t be what it started to be with me being all weak and confused.
But as all things come to full circle i realised that moving on at full speed is what life is. Looking behind is just for making sure that the foundation is still in place.
So after the intro that was something i wanted to get off my chest lets get to business.
Being named Versatile Diversity, this blog tries to achieve being a collection of everything that affects my life. From my own thoughts and writing attempts to music,technology, social networking, friend’s and family’s work and whatever is part of my life.

In the following days starting this weekend,I will try to revive this effort. First of all designing the blog’s logo and some graphics to go with it. Then organizing a series of posts i had in mind for a while.

After that i hope that things will take its course.

Bye for now. Hopefully new logo and graphics will be ready this weekend.

Take care


Dark hours (Journey to the tree)

In this darkest of hours one must control the flood that rages within.
Emotions never felt as loss itself was never a fact.
Now that loss presented itself in a rapid rattled noise and tore souls apart and hearts are broken,
one must find the strength to follow the path that was lit all along in front.
But needed this dark,
this soul sucking experience to spot the flickering lights in front.
Every one of them linking the times before and the times to come.

The word was always plain,simple and with enormous power hidden “Go Forward, i am here” .
Well that spark of life is the one that lit the path. That spark FOR life is what should be the
force to keep us pushing forward.

Be honest, don’t complain, be true to yourself and others. Help when people are in need.
Your personal comfort comes not in your body but in your soul.

And thus a tree awaits, in a beloved place, on an island traveling the Aegean for some thousands of years,
a journey prepared for the ones that left behind, a journey not for sorrow and regret and sadness but a journey
for planting roots where you should have, for being strong when the sea is rough and the wind blows like hell,
for holding hands when darkness falls for being not him but you.

And scenes of laughter should prevail, words of wisdom will be praised and colors, lights, scent and feel is that has been and that should be, you cant be dark inside , the light that left taught otherwise, that you’re the one can light the sky.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you around Str.

Back in pain! (Catching up in a flash)

Well, i am not really a full time blogger as you probably got by now.
This is first post since 3 weeks i suppose.

Well here’s the story so far:

Got married two weeks ago! Yep, i did and i am happy for it! After all i think we were married before the actual legal act.
Moving forward to my Barcelona trip. Had a blast. Fell in love with the city, its people, the sky over Barca , the city’s architecture and design and so much more which i will analyze a bit further in a future post.

Then drama struck! Wisdom tooth pain plus an infection plus a 15 year old filling cracked, have already swallowed 300gr of drugs and have more to come. I am in pain constantly. I cannot control my speaking , my head is like 20kgr.
I have trouble focusing and above all my nerves are like a well tuned Ernie Ball/Music Man John Petrucci 7-stringer.

Hope all of you are good and having fun and squeezing the best outa this summer.

See you soon.

PS. Have changes to do in here, re-design , adding some more stuff etc. But i am so bored doing it now.

Legendary Performances 2 : Led Zeppelin @Madison Square Garden

The Song Remains The Same movie caught my eye some 18 odd years ago while listening to music in a friend’s house.
It was somewhat different from other band’s live perfomances i’d watch till that time. The documentarish feeling, the mystery and mysticism that exists throughout the film and of course the musical genius of Led Zeppelin make this movie and their performance at The Madison Square Garden a moment in music history that without any doubt has achieved Legendary status. The song that follows is the one that made John Bohnam (drummer) king in the mountain of legendary drummers. Moby Dick it is then….

Legendary Performances Part 1: Santana @Woodstock

Some 2 odd weeks ago in very chill out-ish moment i decided to put on the Warner Bros Woodstock DVD.
As me and my wife where sittin’ shippin coffee and talking while watching the DVD with half an eye.

When this came up, i just stopped, my jaw was lying on the floor and i had no connection with the world around me for the next 10 minutes or so. Even though it was time 500 that i was watching this the feeling is always the same. Chills all over the spine! Enjoy!

Early Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Notebook Benchmarks

There is still three months left until Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat” will be officially released along with the Ubuntu Netbook spin and the various other incarnations of this popular Linux distribution, but today we have some initial netbook tests of this next version of Ubuntu Linux. While Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook may boast a new user-interface now that it is using the Unity Desktop, the changes that have taken place “under the hood” have led to some performance differences compared to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Netbook.

With these initial Ubuntu Maverick tests on a netbook we used the Samsung NC10 for testing with its Intel Atom N270 processor, 945G graphics, 2GB of system memory, 32GB OCZ Core Series SSD, and 10-inch 1024 x 600 LVDS panel. We compared the performance of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Netbook to a daily snapshot of Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook from 2010-07-02. This spin of Ubuntu Maverick carried the Linux 2.6.35-6-generic i686 kernel, X.Org Server 1.8.2 RC2, xf86-video-intel 2.11.0, Mesa 7.8.2, GCC 4.4.4, and an EXT4 file-system. This is in comparison to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS using the Linux 2.6.32-21-generic i686 kernel, X.Org Server 1.7.6, xf86-video-intel 2.9.1, Mesa 7.7.1, GCC 4.4.3, and an EXT4 file-system.

We ran a number of benchmarks using the Phoronix Test Suite to look at the performance of these two Ubuntu netbook operating systems on the Samsung netbook, but before that we first looked to see how the power consumption differed when running on battery power. The Phoronix Test Suite charted the battery power consumption when idling for five minutes and then running the OpenArena test profile.

The power results between Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Netbook and Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook (2010-07-02) were surprisingly interesting. Ubuntu 10.10 is currently going through about one Watt more than its predecessor. Even while idling the Maverick Meerkat release is going through greater power as it is being woken up every few seconds. Charting the CPU usage also confirmed this that while the system was idling, the CPU usage would still spike every few seconds and burn through more power. When running OpenArena with the Intel integrated graphics, the Maverick Meerkat Netbook installation continued to use more power than the Lucid Lynx Netbook release.

(Post grabbed over at


7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE iPhone Killer

According to Jamie Riddell over at TNW , there are 7 reasons that would make the new Microsoft OS for mobile phones Windows 7 Mobile and phones that carry it iPhone 4 Killers.

My opinion is that there no such a thing as better or worse.
It is always what the user wants.
Some people are Apple junkies, some are Apple haters, some are Windows lovers and others are Linux enthusiasts who are not nowhere near anything that doesn;t have a GPL license.

We should have in mind only that everything nowadays speeds through with massive promotion and hype creation.

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First Real Symbian^4 Screenshots

We long awaited to take a sneak peak on how the new Symbian would look and here it is!

From those pics i can see clearly an iOS inspiration (the 3 dots representing screens).

The Symbian^4 would be Nokia’s mid-range phone software as MeeGo is about to go in all of the company’s
high end phones.

(article grabbed at engadget)