The one with the Quantum Supercomputer

-Why the hell all the readings on that screen are looking like that?

– Excuse me sir, we haven’t noticed anything peculiar until you mentioned it.

In the lab white clothed scientists where moving like jellyfish in the ocean. Almost unified in movement, like a collective brain.

The screens where filled with patterns. Patterns. Not random data as they would expect. Modified data inputs now where given a meaning, a purpose.

– Could this be?

He asked as Jo was trying to bypass the visual part of the problem and clear her mind. Could this really be? Could it produce patterns out of irrelevant data?

The cold winter day was to be zero ground for what the future held.

Dust and ashes and purple haze and water rose from the ground. The security protocols where automatically executed. The underground installation was no longer.


– Oh man, i have to finish this today otherwise none of this semester will matter.

The screen flashed and the well known sound from the web chat application chimed.

– Come on, no one has ever done this!

– I have to finish this Jay, i feel like my brain is going to explode if i don’t put the words in that paper. Talk to you soon.

She signed off.

She gracefully jumped off bed and walked to the kitchen, almost levitating , her steps aetherial, lead her towards her destination.

The computer screen flashed, the chat sound chiming started echoing in the room and slowly took its place inside the house.

She stopped and turned thinking that Jay was in the mood for more talk, which at that point she wasn’t, the chiming continued, as she rushed through the house irritated that her best friend had no intention understanding her position she caught a glimpse of a very strange purplish sky above the Rockies.

She grabbed the laptop and clicked on the flashing dialogue.

She was baffled by the messages counter, 3245.

She opened the dialogue box, no it was not Jay.

The screen was filled with the same 2 messages over and over and over again.




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