Darkness (A luminous escape)


The absence of light.

The fearsome path to self-healing.

She already knew this was not the first time she should take the leap of faith. Nor the last.

He already knew that he should be like water. Let himself be embraced. Let him self embrace.

Spiralling towards oblivion as gravity was pulling hard, their atoms began to crumble under the pressure. Their existence now part of a greater scheme. A well designed, perfectly executed series of events that lead to them becoming stardust, or better yet unanimous materials of the fabric that materialise what was known in their ancestors language as   “The Universe”.

Thousands of years have passed since the time human kind was in that state. When science was limited to creating black holes in a laboratory installation underneath Central Europe.

And here they were, back to that state, not “Gods”, not supreme beings of higher intellectual capacity, but mere humans. Tiny speckles of biological material inside a vast living and breathing Gravihole.

She remembered the first time her grandfather had described her the meaning of the word.

She was in owe. In disbelief. Old books of past times never talked about phenomena having a conscious. A type of primal self-awareness.

He remembered the times he was looking up, towards the three moons, afraid to the remote possibility that one day a Gravihole could eventually decide to move towards the last occupied system of galaxies that could sustain life.

No more “Gods”, no higher beings. Just peasants in the kingdom of darkness.

It was cold. It was Dark.

Atoms fell apart.

Atoms crashed and burned.

They were no more.

“Look! There!” the girl jumped of her seat. It was a sunny day. In the park people where walking, talking, running.

Up in the sky, in a great distance, a disk began to expand, purple, blue and gold.

It began to take up more and more space around it. It was like it was consuming both space and time in a way that was never seen before.

Her father smiled at her and gazed upon the new visitor.

” Looks like we have a visit, we should take out the silverware!”

The girl laughed hard and strolled off towards the small pond.

He started to dance in a vigorous, strange way.

He looked up. He typed the words in his communicator. He knew.

“It has begun”


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