A small portion of truth had just become the turning point in this discussion.

Both of them were actively seeking the way out. That bit of data had triggered the multilevel mechanism of survival.

Millions of alphanumeric strings were now  meticulously  stacked in each brain, with a very specific purpose. Evasion.

The point was, no one wanted to avoid this. They both planned and executed all steps that lead to this.

Self-perseverance was just in the way of the success.

The flow of all the possible outcomes, and all the possible reactions became overwhelming.

Just like in everything else, their minds stopped all processes just nanoseconds apart. They where always synced when they were together.

As the blood pounded through the jugular, the single sweat drop traveled from his eyebrow to  her shoulder, from there to the floor.

The molecular structure of the floor reacted to the humanoid DNA.

They looked each other, a tear took its place in the right corner of his right eye, a small pool of essence.

It was time.


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