Versatile Diversity will be back soon…

It’s been almost 50 days since my last post here. A string of unfortune events prevented me from being involved with writing as i wanted. I thought that this blog wouldn’t be what it started to be with me being all weak and confused.
But as all things come to full circle i realised that moving on at full speed is what life is. Looking behind is just for making sure that the foundation is still in place.
So after the intro that was something i wanted to get off my chest lets get to business.
Being named Versatile Diversity, this blog tries to achieve being a collection of everything that affects my life. From my own thoughts and writing attempts to music,technology, social networking, friend’s and family’s work and whatever is part of my life.

In the following days starting this weekend,I will try to revive this effort. First of all designing the blog’s logo and some graphics to go with it. Then organizing a series of posts i had in mind for a while.

After that i hope that things will take its course.

Bye for now. Hopefully new logo and graphics will be ready this weekend.

Take care



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