Dark hours (Journey to the tree)

In this darkest of hours one must control the flood that rages within.
Emotions never felt as loss itself was never a fact.
Now that loss presented itself in a rapid rattled noise and tore souls apart and hearts are broken,
one must find the strength to follow the path that was lit all along in front.
But needed this dark,
this soul sucking experience to spot the flickering lights in front.
Every one of them linking the times before and the times to come.

The word was always plain,simple and with enormous power hidden “Go Forward, i am here” .
Well that spark of life is the one that lit the path. That spark FOR life is what should be the
force to keep us pushing forward.

Be honest, don’t complain, be true to yourself and others. Help when people are in need.
Your personal comfort comes not in your body but in your soul.

And thus a tree awaits, in a beloved place, on an island traveling the Aegean for some thousands of years,
a journey prepared for the ones that left behind, a journey not for sorrow and regret and sadness but a journey
for planting roots where you should have, for being strong when the sea is rough and the wind blows like hell,
for holding hands when darkness falls for being not him but you.

And scenes of laughter should prevail, words of wisdom will be praised and colors, lights, scent and feel is that has been and that should be, you cant be dark inside , the light that left taught otherwise, that you’re the one can light the sky.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you around Str.


One thought on “Dark hours (Journey to the tree)

  1. No need to control the flood!
    ‘Cause , flood is water!
    Right (!), some tons more, that can drown you, but still, less than what is needed to clean hearts!
    Let the flood goes its way! Feel the loss, feel the pain!
    Feel the God upon the fact! Feel Str’s wisdom in your heart!
    Cherish the moments being with him. Find the strength to respect his own will.
    This very truth, unlikable inside, hides more to know, goes with the row!

    Spirit ‘s gone! Yet, spirit’s never left!
    Home is where your spirit is!
    Hope this spirit finds home! In the tree, In the sea, in wherever he wants!


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