Back in pain! (Catching up in a flash)

Well, i am not really a full time blogger as you probably got by now.
This is first post since 3 weeks i suppose.

Well here’s the story so far:

Got married two weeks ago! Yep, i did and i am happy for it! After all i think we were married before the actual legal act.
Moving forward to my Barcelona trip. Had a blast. Fell in love with the city, its people, the sky over Barca , the city’s architecture and design and so much more which i will analyze a bit further in a future post.

Then drama struck! Wisdom tooth pain plus an infection plus a 15 year old filling cracked, have already swallowed 300gr of drugs and have more to come. I am in pain constantly. I cannot control my speaking , my head is like 20kgr.
I have trouble focusing and above all my nerves are like a well tuned Ernie Ball/Music Man John Petrucci 7-stringer.

Hope all of you are good and having fun and squeezing the best outa this summer.

See you soon.

PS. Have changes to do in here, re-design , adding some more stuff etc. But i am so bored doing it now.


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